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Math Facts

Math…love it or hate it? It seems there are two strict sides to the math debate – it’s a necessary evil or it’s the most amazing tool on earth!  Okay, I may be exaggerating here, but you get the point.  As a homeschool parent, you either love teaching your child math or you instantly haveContinue reading “Math Facts”



On my journey to living more simply, I decided to start tackling my Pinterest board collections.  Pinterest had become an addiction for me.  It started out as a great way to organize my ideas (I LOVE organizing!), but quickly became overwhelming when I created way too many boards.   Originally I created boards for the coreContinue reading “ART!!”

Land, Land, and More Land!

The pandemic really flipped everything on its head, didn’t it?     I think many of started to take a real hard look at our lives and figure out what was most important.    After much contemplation, our family decided to take the plunge and buy a tract of land in Eastern Texas.  It is wildContinue reading “Land, Land, and More Land!”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Heather. Previously an outdoor educator and public school teacher, I became a full-time mother and VP at my husband’s systems development company in 2012. I spend most of my time homeschooling my kids and working with my husband. This blog is for my love of living simply and I want to share my simple lessons and activities with you!

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