Crochet Swiffer Cover-Shades of Blue



My handmade crochet swiffer covers are efficient, productive in cleaning, a money-saver, and fashionable at the same time 🙂

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No more wasting your money on refills that you toss after one use!

My handmade crochet covers took time for me to create the best pattern that included all necessary things to make it the most efficient and effective when using. With the perfect amount of thickness to conform nicely and securely around base and with the bubbled texture on the bottom, you can catch dust, pet and human hair, dirt, and anything else needing to be cleaned up, whether it be on the floor, baseboards, fans, etc. 

Fits easily on and off the standard 10”x4.5” swiffer sweeper (green). 

Use to sweep or mop, it will works very well for both. 

Are machine washable, and can be machine dried as well with an easy slip on and off that keeps it shape use after use & wash after wash. 

Adds a fashionable flare to your day-to-day cleaning as well as being eco-friendly!

❤️I keep a few around my house so I always have a clean one available. So bundle up on your purchase and save some $$❤️




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