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Land, Land, and More Land!

The pandemic really flipped everything on its head, didn’t it?  


I think many of started to take a real hard look at our lives and figure out what was most important. 


After much contemplation, our family decided to take the plunge and buy a tract of land in Eastern Texas.  It is wild and unkempt and full of possibilities!  


We spent our first weekend there and literally had to cut down trees to make an entrance to park the truck and places to put our tents, potty, and kitchen area. 

The next day we spent some time creating a trail through the land.  It was exciting to see the kids getting in touch with nature. 

Our oldest made the connection of how the sun rises and sets in different parts of the sky.  Something we have read about, but nothing she has experienced yet.  

We saw lots of deer tracks and possibly heard some coyote howls at night.  I can’t wait to go back and enjoy the solitude again. 

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