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Brr, it’s finally cold!

It’s 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning!  This may not seem cold to most, but it is a welcome change in weather when you live near the Gulf Coast of Texas.  It’s actually ironic for me to say that anything under 50 degrees is cold, because I lived in New Hampshire for a bit and would shovel feet of snow and go to work in 20 degree weather!  Boy, times have changed!  I was thinking the other day that I have been in Texas for 16 years now.  Pretty soon I’ll have lived here in Texas for longer than I lived in my home state of Massachusetts.


When I first moved down here, I would yearn for the comforts of home (Massachusetts). Where could I get the Portuguese bread I was used to eating?  Where could I go to hear the crashing waves? Where were the changing leaves in fall? Where could I go apple picking? Where, where, where?  Where could I feel the same again?  The truth is, I had to learn to love other things.  I still hold those New England memories close to my heart, but I’ve also found new favorites and created new memories.  Now, I love getting fresh butter tortillas from HEB.  I enjoy walking on the nature trails and spying newts and lizards.  It’s great fun to go strawberry and blueberry picking. 


As we move closer to Christmas the same types of feelings can arise.  Where can I get that same excitement as when I was a kid?  Where can I bring my children to feel the excitement of the holidays?  Am I doing enough to make lasting memories?  The truth is, I shouldn’t be chasing down the feelings and memories of the past.  I can honor those feelings, but I must also honor the present and be PRESENT. 


I’ve taken some time in the last few days to realize that my children’s holiday memories will never look and feel the same as mine.  That is okay.  We live in a different world now. They are different people.  They have different interests than me.  Can I share with them my favorite traditions? Of course! Can we create new family traditions? Um, you bet! 


So, this weekend, we will walk the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights (our little family tradition), and then we are going to attempt to make cardboard gingerbread houses (a new tradition).  I can’t wait to see how they turn out, stay tuned for pictures! …and somewhere in the next few weeks, I will sing carols with them and bake cookies (my traditions). 


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season, however it may look this year. 

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